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Tree Planting and Landscape

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority

This project involves planting 58,000 trees over several years within the Illinois Tollway’s system. The intent is to increase the regional forest canopy within the Chicagoland area. Due to the limited species of trees that can tolerate the highway conditions, tree saplings will be planted with soil amendments to thrive in this environment.

2IM Group is designing landscape plans that safely enhance the aesthetics and forest canopy network of the Illinois Tollway System. This involves selecting a diversity of various tree species capable of withstanding the compacted soil conditions and microclimates within this area. 2IM Group is selecting a variety of native shrubs that will provide functional purpose in reducing snow drift along entry and exit ramps.

2IM Group is generating a long-term maintenance plan that preserves the successful establishment of every tree and shrub planted. A new and sustainable source of regional carbon sequestration is being provided to reverse climate change.

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