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Red-Purple Modernization

Chicago Transit Authority

The Red Purple Modernization (RPM) is the largest CTA capital improvement project in history. It involves rebuilding the North Red Line and Purple Line, from Belmont to Howard, and the Purple Line, from Belmont to Linden. The modernization will result in an increase of CTA’s train services available to operate in order to accommodate the population growth.

Phase 1 of the RPM will develop a fly-over bypass for the Brown Line to eliminate at grade rail crosses and reduce congestion for the Red and Purple Lines north of the Belmont Station. Additionally, the RPM Phase 1 will reconstruct track and stations from Lawrence to Bryn-Mawr, including Argyle and Berwyn which are located between.

2IM Group is designing the closed deck drainage system. This includes scupper spacing, scupper selection, deck piping, downspout locations and details. 2IM Group is also coordinating with the at-grade Civil Engineer to design the underground drainage systems and obtain the stormwater permit from the Chicago Department of Stormwater Management.

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