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Red Line Extension

Chicago Transit Authority

The Red Line Extension (RLE) Project involves extending the Red Line 5.3 miles south of the existing 95th Street Station to include an additional 4 new stations near 103rd Street, 111th Street, Michigan Avenue, and 130th Street.

2IM Group is responsible for the existing drainage system and proposed drainage system. This involves developing existing drainage plan sheets and reviewing stormwater requirements. 2IM Group is also developing proposed drainage plans to meet the City of Chicago Stormwater Ordinance, preparing preliminary drainage details and requirements, and model proposed drainage systems in 3D.

2IM Group is preparing Sampling Analysis Plans (SAPs) for various parcels showing where soil and groundwater samples should be taken based on Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) identified in the Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and proposed construction.

Soil and groundwater samples from 15-20 feet deep borings are being performed at various parcels to determine potential contamination and to handle soils properly. 2IM Group is also preparing Phase II Environmental Site Assessments documenting soil and groundwater conditions indicated by sample analysis.

2IM Group secured a Right of Entry (ROE) Agreement to perform Phase II ESAs at ten City of Chicago-owned properties. The ROE was granted based on the City’s review of 2IM Group’s disclosures and our technical approach to the work, including sampling and analysis plans.

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