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Ravenswood Connector Rehabilitation

Chicago Transit Authority

2IM Group is working as part of Chicago Transit Partners (CTP) providing program management services for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) to oversee the capital improvement program.

The CTA Fast Tracks is a program intended to reduce travel times and improve ride quality through strategic track repairs and maintenance. Ravenswood Ballasted track project upgrades tracks at three (3) stations by replacing the ballast, ties, and fasteners. This project also renews two (2) road crossings with new precast concrete ballastless road crossings.

2IM Group, in conjunction with CTP, assisted the CTA with the development of the project scope in correlation with the project budget. 2IM Group developed the construction & OUC permit drawings, assisted with the development of the procurement documents and project schedule. 2IM Group is assisting with providing project oversight services and reviewing technical track submittals.

Through the Fast Tracks projects, 2IM Group is becoming proficient with the CTA procurement process as well as the CTA Track Design Standards as part of the technical reviews.

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