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John Whistler Elementary School

Chicago Public Schools

Space to Grow is a program funded by Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Department of Water Management, and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago. This program improves Chicago schoolyards into beautiful and functional playgrounds, gardens, and outdoor learning environments while incorporating landscape features that will help keep Chicago’s water resources clean and reduce neighborhood flooding. There are over 30 schools benefiting from this program, including John Whistler Elementary School. The stormwater system must exceed ordinance design criteria with a total retention capacity equal to or greater than 150,000 gallons plus the rate and volume control calculations per Chicago Department of Water Management.

2IM Group was responsible for civil grading plans and permitting for 25,000 sq ft of John Whistler Elementary School and provided detention for 153,000 gallons of stormwater. This involved sharing input and design guidance with Landscape Architects for the site as it pertains to engineering, drainage, topography, soil, and general existing conditions prior to the schematic design. Feasible site solutions were provided to address applicable project requirements and potential site solutions.

2IM developed plans for Site Grading, Stormwater Utility, Erosion and Sediment Control, and Stormwater Operations and Maintenance Plan utilizing AutoCAD.

2IM Group worked with Upland Design.

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