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Damen - Elston - Fullerton

Intersection Improvements 

City of Chicago Department of Transportation

This project included the complete reconstruction of approximately 1 mile of the Damen Ave, Elston Ave and Fullerton Ave intersection. This project is part of the City’s Building a New Chicago initiative in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration. The newly constructed intersection is much simpler and spread further apart, improving the flow of traffic and creating safer, better functioning intersections with substantially reduced delays.

2IM Group provided engineering services which included the re-design of the storm sewer & combined sewer system, along with re-design of the water main system due to modifications to the Phase I plans. Additionally, 2IM improved the Best Management Practices to increase stop water quality benefits and reduce runoff. Utility coordination was critical due to limited right-of-way with number of utilities being relocated. 2IM was also responsible for preparation of contract plans, special provisions, engineer’s cost estimates, and permit coordination.

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