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All Stations Accessibility Program

Chicago Transit Authority

2IM Group is working with Chicago Transit Partners providing program management services for several capital improvement projects for the Chicago Transit Authority. One of these projects is the All Stations Accessibility Program, or ASAP.

The CTA has identified 42 stations which currently do not meet the Americans with Disabilities Act standards. ASAP addresses 21 of these stations to install elevators and provide additional improvements to meet accessibility standards over the next 20 years. 2IM Group is involved in creating Project Master Plans for each station, establishing a concept design level of detail for scope, schedule and budget for each of these 21 vertically inaccessible stations. These PMPs are refined as the projects progress through design and construction.

2IM Group is becoming proficient in CTA’s Infrastructure Division Capital Improvement Program’s Quality Management System (QMS). 2IM has learned CTA’s eBuilder software to manage documentation review and approval.

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