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75th Street Resurfacing

DuPage County

This project included the resurfacing and widening of 75th Street from Lyman Avenue to Exner Road to add a right and left turn lanes to improve safety, storm sewer improvements, sidewalk improvements, and traffic signal replacements.

2IM Group was responsible for preparing the plans, specifications, and engineer’s cost estimate for the 75th Street Rehabilitation from Lyman Avenue to Exner Road. The proposed roadway geometry included adding right-turn lanes onto Fairmount Avenue and Fairview Avenue from eastbound 75th Street.

2IM Group also prepared the Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment (PESA) and a Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI), which included determining the extent of contaminated soils due to oil and gas pipelines and other Recognized Environmental Concerns (RECs).

2IM Group was the lead engineer with Alfred Benesch & Company, Lochmueller Group, Sanchez & Associates, and Wang Engineering as subconsultants.

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