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Civil Engineer: Transportation Team Leader

2IM Group is looking for a Civil Engineer: Transportation Team Leader to join our Transportation Team! This is a full-time position that includes our benefits package (health care, vision, dental, health savings account, 401k, paid time off, paid holidays, etc.).


Duties and responsibilities:

Civil Engineer: Transportation Team Leaders manage the planning and processes of a project and delegate responsibilities to ensure the project is completed efficiently and successfully. Their day-to-day duties and responsibilities typically include the following:

  • Manage training, development, and mentoring of civil engineering Team members

  • Collaborate with Project Managers to monitor and guide Team Members’ project tasks

  • Communicate with and report to senior management toward meeting business goals

  • Perform or direct duties of a Civil Engineer, including:

    • Perform technical studies and prepare plans and designs for systems and structures in a timely matter

    • Determine costs, regulations, and other factors of project implementation

    • Identify risk factors that can affect project delivery

  • Conduct regular meetings with clients to ensure clarification and meet specific requirements in a timely manner

  • Delegate tasks to team members according to their individual skill sets, experience, and abilities to ensure efficient completion of the project

  • Maintain budgets and adjust according to needs as they arise

  • Track performance and analyze the completion of key goals

  • Document and report project progress to stakeholders and clients

  • Resolve disputes with clients as needed

  • Manage financial exception issues (tasks over budget, aged AR) and support adjustments according to needs as they arise

  • Lead technical challenge resolution among internal teams


Skills and qualifications:

For a Civil Engineer: Transportation Team Leader to be successful in their role, they should possess the following skills and qualifications:

  • Organization and problem-solving skills

  • Ability to use specialized software for collaboration and time management, including spreadsheets

  • Recognized within the company as a subject matter expert (SME)

  • Strong time management and analytical skills

  • Proven leadership skills

  • Strong communication skills


Qualification requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering

  • 6 - 10 years of civil engineering experience related to transportation/roadway design as well as experience in a leadership role.

  • PE License required

  • Strong organizational, analytical, communication skills and design skills

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