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Manager of Contract Administration


Manage and minimize risk and maximize financial and operational performance by systematically and efficiently managing contract execution and analysis.



Manages, reviews and audits construction contract documents, prepares payments, change modifications, and coordinates project close-out. 

  • Acts independently to determine methods and procedures on new or special assignments. Supervises others.





Performs the below duties and all other duties as assigned.


Contract Creation

  • Makes recommendations to the Program Attorney and Program Director on program, bid packages and General Conditions.

  • Forwards confirmed insurance requirements to City Risk Management for approval.

  • Attends Pre-Bid and Pre-Construction meetings and to explain reporting requirements and to explain to the Contract Administrators.


Contract Execution

  • Maintains and manages documentation for FOIA’s, claims, liens, etc. in response to requests from clients and City Law department.

  • Maintain Cost Management System (CMS) database and CPICS database.

  • Oversee, collect, and reviews contractor payment requests and progress and produces payments.

  • Oversee, collect, and review Requests for Subcontractor Approval (RSA).

  • Reviews required progress payment submittals, audits force account billings, contractor change modification requests, and reports on payment estimate processing.

  • Oversees audits for each individual home in the contract to ensure all paperwork is in place and quantities have been recorded correctly.

  • Manages all subcontractor insurance submissions.

  • Oversee and maintain a log of all contractor insurance expiration dates and follow up to assure coverage does not lapse.

  • Oversees the collection and review of certified payrolls.

  • Facilitate avoidance and management of contractor claims and disputes and subcontractor mechanic’s liens.

  • Assists the City of Chicago by collecting and reviewing documentation regarding requirements for MBE, WBE, SBE, and DBE firms, CRO compliance and EEO compliance. 

  • Oversees the preparation of documentation necessary for the closeout of FAA AIP grants.

  • Prepares a contract closeout checklist to assist with managing the construction contract closeout process.

  • Manages the Contractor Payment Request process.

Contract Analysis

  • Coordinates closeout of projects once all contract changes have been processed.

  • Issues closeout reports to ConsManager for monthly updates and logging into project files.

  • Collect, review and distribute required documentation for processing of pay estimates for final compliance review.

  • Prepares weekly Roundtable documentation and conducts the Department of Procurement Roundtable meeting.

  • Manage the Contractor Payment Request process.

  • Ensures the Quantity Book is complete and accurate.

  • Manage the Request for Contract Modifications (RCM).

  • Work with the Program Attorney / Department of Law as required in connection with compiling documentation for FOIA’s, claims, liens, etc.

  • Coordinates all final compliance assessments.



  • Bachelor’s degree in related field including Construction Management, Engineering, Finance, or equivalent combination of education and experience

  • Typically requires 10 years of related experience, including 5 years managing others.

  • Experience working with public entities (CDA, CDOT, CTA, etc.) and IDOT Documentation Certificate preferred.

  • Must be an intermediate-level user of Microsoft Excel.

  • Ability to use a computer, the Internet, Adobe Acrobat, word processing, database, and email software.



Flexibility and Adaptability

  • Adjusts to new or changing assignments, processes, and people.

  • Demonstrates willingness to listen to other opinions.

  • Provides examples of shifting from task to task

Learning Oriented

  • Demonstrates grasp of new information and its implications.

  • Seeks out and relies on others in areas of own limitations.

  • Applies feedback and changes behavior accordingly.

Oral Communications

  • Speaks well without preparation.

  • Adapts language, tone, structure, and level of detail to the needs of others.

  • Maintains a dialogue in difficult situations.


  • Identifies characteristics of good teamwork.

  • Names primary and ancillary members of own team.

  • Explains team mission and objectives.

Problem Solving

  • Identifies and documents specific problems and resolution alternatives.

  • Helps to analyze risks and benefits of alternative approaches and obtain decision on resolution.

  • Facilitates reconciliation rather than divisiveness among individuals.

Written Communication

  • Produces written materials in business- and industry-specific technical language.

  • Adapts writing -- language, form, style, tone -- to different audiences.

  • Reviews the written materials of others and provides feedback and coaching.



  • Ordinary ambulatory skills sufficient to move throughout the office;

  • The ability to exert up to 10 pounds of force occasionally and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects;

  • Good hand-eye coordination; the ability to reach with hands and arms; and arm, hand, and finger dexterity, including the ability to grasp;

  • Close visual acuity to use a keyboard, operate office equipment, prepare and review data and figures, and view a computer monitor;

  • The ability to talk and hear;

  • The ability to work in an upper level of a high-rise office building (Cotter Chicago office and some client offices);

  • The ability to handle temperature changes consistent with inside environmental conditions; and

  • Mental abilities including remembering, reasoning, concentrating to remain on task, reading, problem solving, managing concurrent tasks, and the ability to understand and follow directions.

This is a full-time position with benefits included:

  • 3 weeks paid time off

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

  • HSA (Health Savings Account) Investment Option

  • LTD; STD; Life Insurance.

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